Best EMS Electric Ab Toner Belt Reviews

Various Types of Gut Busting Ab Belts

ab beltsOver the past years, ab belts have become quite popular within the diet and weight loss industry. People are constantly looking for the newest and latest means of slimming, toning or tightening their stomachs and ab belts have become the preferred choice. These weight loss belts are very convenient and user-friendly because they require little or no instructions at all. A person simply attaches the belt to their waist and the belly fat trimmer will do the rest of the work. When using ab belts, there is basically no need to engage in vigorous exercises or strict gym routines. You only need to purchase the belt and attach it your waist once a day for approximately 30 minutes.

There are three main types of ab belts, they include:

Sauna Ab Belts

sauna ab belt-These are among the oldest versions of the ab belts currently available in the market. The sauna ab belt got its name from the fact that it uses the same principles as sauna to help people with weight loss. The belt generates a lot of heat which causes the user to sweat. A person is supposed to tie the belt around their abdominal area and wait for it to do its work. The heat generating elements found in sauna ab belts are almost the same as those found in traditional heating pads.

-When it comes to slimming, the sauna ab belt helps you to sweat away any water weight that you might have.

The Vibration Ab Belt

vibrating ab belt-These type of ab belts have been around for quite some time. They use an older type of technology to help people with belly fat loss. The name of the belt comes from the fact that it implements a very simple principle of vibration. Once a person attaches the belt to their waist, the belt will begin to vibrate. The main goal of the vibration ab belt is to get rid of abdomen fat through vigorous movement.

-In addition, the vibration ab belt also helps to strengthen a person’s stomach muscles due its constant vibration. The belt is considered to be an effective tool for trimming and toning your abdominal area because it uses newer forms of ab belt technologies.

The Electric Ab Belt

Ab BeltElectronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS ab toner belts are the newest and most-highly advanced type of ad belts currently available in the market. They are designed to work just like the Electronic Muscle Stimulation treatments used to help injured athletes during their rehab process.

-The makers of the EMS belt came up with an ab belt that could be attached firmly to a persons’ abdominal region. The electronic ab belt has areas where gel pads can be inserted. These pads contain electrodes that are cushioned so that there is never any contact between your skin and the electrical impulses. The Electric Ab Belt also has extra protection in order to maintain its structural integrity. The electrodes generated by the belt are strong enough to contract the ab muscles but they do not damage them. This aspect is what causes belly fat loss around the tummy. The belt helps to promoter a leaner abdominal region, with tighter stomach muscles.

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