Best Ab Crunch Workout Machine Reviews

Ab Machines – A Number of Types Available

Everyone wants to have a body that makes them desirable. Many people want to get cuts, especially in the midsection region. Men and Women are greatly attracted towards a well built body and therefore, turning towards building abs. We all look for dietary supplements and exercise tips that can help us to build abs quickly.

ab machinesWhen it comes to abs machines, many people do not know much about the types of abs machines that are available in the market. All we see is what is advertised on the television. The following post will highlight the various types of ab machines that are available and hopefully make it easier for you to pick the one that is suitable for you.


Benches are the most well known abs machine. Every gym has this one as it is the easiest and simplest of all abs machines. They are not just for beginners but it is good for advanced trainers too. Benches help you strengthen the core muscles through sit up exercise. Benches are small in size and for this reason, they can be used at home too.

Ab Chairs:

The second type of ab machine being discussed is the ab chair. Ab chairs are the most comfortable ab building tools. The back is well protected due to their structure. Ab chairs stimulate the crunch through a folding mechanism. This machine requires you to use your abs to lift your legs. This ab machine stimulates the lower muscles perfectly.


Ab wheels are simple yet effective tools for building abs. You kneel down and then move the wheel back and forth on the floor. The biggest advantage of ab wheels is that it not only trains your abs, but the entire upper body. With this type of movement, the ab muscles are isolated and it helps in the development of the lower back. Moreover, wheels are extremely easy to use, store and carry around.


The ab gliders come with a very special and a unique design that stimulate the crunch. The entire movement of the body is controlled by the machine, which is training all the muscles. With abs, gliders train the shoulders and the back as well. Gliders are usually big machines but they have options of changing the settings, which allow you to use this ab machine in numerous ways. Gliders can be used for the whole body work out. However, you would need a larger storing space.


If you are willing to develop the upper part of your abdominals seriously, ab rollers are the tools for you. The most important benefit of ab rollers is that it supports the neck and helps prevent any strains. When doing crunches, most of the people complain about pain in the neck, but with ab rollers, these strains are completely avoided. Ab rollers are the best tool for women for core exercises.

Exercise Balls:

Exercise balls are not typical ab machines; however they can be used several ways for abdominal muscle exercises and other core workouts. Exercise balls are not expensive. If used properly and tactfully, you can achieve great results. Exercise balls help you train your muscles of the entire body.

Lower Back Machines:

Lower back training is very important. It helps you train the back and protect it from injuries. It helps you achieve slimmer hips. It is important for any sport that the lower back is strong. Lower back machines can help you get rid of back problems that are common. For instance, backache from using the PC is common. But with lower back machines, such problems are treated.

Other than the above mentioned workout machines and tools, there are many more that are available. With the correct use of these machines, you can build abs in a very short span of time. Abdominal machines help you achieve a body that you desire. You can only achieve great looking abs not by sitting, but by working out. The more effort you put in, the more attractive abs you get. Abs machines assist you to reach your goals faster. Ab machines work best only when you concentrate on the overall training.

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