The Best AB Flex Belt Reviews – Does It Work?


Abs are the most desirous but hard-to-achieve part. They take consistency, determination and a lot of sweating and pains. According to most, while working at the gym, every training comes easy as compared to working out the core. The Flex Belt ReviewsThe results are painfully slow and the protocols need herculean effort to perform.

Keeping this dilemma in mind, recently a very authentic and brilliant Ab belt- The Flex Belt has been launched.

Popular among athletes, models, trainers and actors, this belt is something to talk about. After two million hits and nearly that many praises later, Flex belt has made to one of the top selling fitness brands.

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Here is a detailed review of this product.


Flex belt is the first FDA approved device that is intended to tone, firm and strengthen the core muscles both in male and females. Just like wearing a belt, you can wrap this around your abdomen and forget for about 30 minutes.

The biggest benefit Flex belt provides is, you can wear it while performing your daily chores. You don’t have to hire a trainer, go to the gym or take 30 minutes out every day from your cut throat schedule. NO MORE CRUNCHES, SITUPS, WINDMILLS, SIDE BENDS, BUTT UPS, ETC.!

Flex belt can be worn in the office, in the kitchen, while reading, cooking, cleaning or watching TV. For people having hectic routines with nine-to-five working hours, this product is a real blessing.

How To Use The Flex Belt?

Using Flex belt is easy.

Upon ordering your flex belt package, you get a nicely wrapped belt that has three electrical nodes – one that goes roughly just below the navel and two on either sides.

Then there is a set of sticky gel pads that you place over the nodes. They have double stick, one attaches to the nodes, and the other to stick to your belly. You can peel them off afterwards, they come off clean.

(You are supposed to retain the plastic seals that cover up the gel pads, so that they don’t accumulate debris. Gel Pads are good quality and retain their stickiness for 30 to 50 uses).

The belt, which secures through velcro, is big enough for fairly small to medium waist people, and has an “extender” for those who are “bigger boned” (supposedly 44 inches or so).

To begin;

1. Secure the belt using Velcro

 2. Use the monitor to start. The control requires some charging first. This will not run directly from an outlet – and that’s probably a very valuable safety precaution in case there happened to be a power surge.

3. Select a program, and then boost up the intensity to get it started. It doesn’t start up until you start to boost up the intensity. Flex belt has 150 different levels, ranging from a barely noticeable electrical stimulation to a much higher intensity that will give you soars and cramps.

With time you can adjust to the intensity you are comfortable with using up and down buttons on the left and right of the control.


You probably are wondering how a belt can give you something which hours and hours in gym couldn’t – the answer is simple, Science. Research makes a lot of difference. Flex belt has been launched after 4 years of extensive study and mind scratching.

Flex Ab BeltIt uses state-of-the-art technology named EMS. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the very same technology used in health care industry by therapists for more than 30 years.

The unique construction of the Flex Belt features three medical-grade Gel Pads, that cover the central abdominal area and external obliques. When you are using the belt, signals from the Flex Belt reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated. These nerves then branch out to all of the stomach muscles causing the muscles to contract and relax naturally, thus working out all of the muscles at the same time, not just those that are found directly under the gel pads.

When you do traditional crunches, your lower and upper abdomen takes most of the heat. When you perform side planks or foot crunches, your obliques are made. But with flex belt, all three: lower, upper and sides are engaged at once. It gives you 150 flexes (based on your frequency) at the lower, upper and obliques at the same time.

It’s an odd feeling. Your abdominal muscles are being worked out but you’re not doing a thing. The belt does all the work for you.

Initially, it may feel unnatural, but with time you get used to the feeling. The belt is super thing and can be easily concealed under a jacket. You could wear it while doing other things like: going shopping, working on the PC, cleaning etc.


We understand that Abs is not what all people require, they also want assurance that Flex belt won’t harm them in any way. Whether Flex Belt is safe to use, can be answered considering following three things.

1. Flex belt is FDA approved, meaning it is vigorously tested and only after positive results is brought in to the market. All the frequency modes this belt offers are deemed safe by authorities.

2. In addition to FDA, this belt is also tested by independent sources like Dr. John Procari, an expert in studying Abdominal Exercise and Workout Equipment. According to the two independent tests he ran on Flex belt, this belt is likely to deliver results in two weeks.

This and two million other users are a living proof that this product is harm free.


One thing that Flex Belt is popular for are results. Trainers, Actors, Models, Swimmers, and Athletes all are putting their names on it, which is a big thing because celebrities are known to endorse the best.

According to a two week clinical study; conducted by Dr. John Procari conducted at University of Wisconsin, 2008

  • 100% users said their abs felt firmer and better toned
  • 92.3% felt an increase in the firmness of their abdominal muscles
  • A thermal photography of abdomen during a Flex Belt session shows red areas around the entire mid-section indicating heat-up muscles in the region.

Apart from this; customer’s feedback stats indicate:

  • 191 users at Amazon gave this product a high 4



FlexBelt Reviews

“I juggle a job, two kids and still manage to look great. A lot of its credit goes to Flex belt”

(Jill Wade, winner of 2012 World Body Building and Fitness Federation Championship)


“The first time I used Flex belt I was surprised. It was working those muscle which I had been trying to train for years. It gave me results I wanted (strong, more firm abs). I wouldn’t stand behind the product I don’t believe in. This is one result delivering product. Ty it!”

– Jerry Rice, Rugby Hero


“It’s something I didn’t have to put thought into. Its slim and I can wear it under clothes. I can do laundry, read a book, sit on the counch, read an email, anything with Flex belt on. And the results are mind blowing. I never had this shape and depth near obliques, and that small pouch just blow belly button which is hard to get rid, its gone completely”

-Adrianne Curry (Actress, America’s Next Top Model Winner)


Don’t take my words for it. See your favorite celebrities talk about Flex belt on the product’s official website.

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Some more, real flex belt reviews:


“An unusal but very cool device to tone your abdominals”

– M. Erb (amazon)


“The flex belt is fantastic. I have back problems and it is tightening my abs and relieving pressure on my spine. I feel healthier and look forward to my belt sessions. Try it. You have 6 wks to see if it works. I saw it working before then”

– Donna Hearns, Amazon Verified Customer



After reading a lot about Flex Belt here are reasons you should get Flex Belt:

  1. Is FDA approved and safe
  2. Has some very promising celebrity figures supporting it
  3. EMS technology is real and effective
  4. The belt is super slim and easily concealed
  5. Has different training programs and frequency level for people from beginners to trainers
  6. Accessories are cheap and easily replaceable
  7. Can be worn while performing other chores
  8. Has a 60 days money back guarantee


  1. Take some time to get used to. It gives an odd feeling at first, but once you find your comfortable frequency zone, all is good
  2. Gel sometimes gets stuck a little and needs some cleaning


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A product like Flex Belt comes once in a while – product that is being supported by science, trainers and users alike. It has comfort, results and efficiency all wrapped in one. Our advice? Don’t think too much, Go get it!

More reviews from real customers on Youtube:

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